Social Media PR

With the advent of social media tools, forward-thinking public relations firms have changed their tactics. We can’t focus solely on coverage in the traditional media anymore.

Founded in 2006, EndGame Public Relations, LLC is a Social Media PR firm that mixes the old and new, including tactics such as media relations, crisis communications, social media strategy, content creation, web design, and corporate podcasts.

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A Website Built by a PR Firm?

You might think it's strange to hire a PR firm to develop your organization's website.
We don't.
We think it's a smart strategy for your site to be part of a larger PR and social media marketing plan.
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Content is King

Part of running a business in this social world is creating interesting, clickable, and sharable content to "feed the beast".
EndGame PR understands content creation. We'll work with you to produce blog posts, articles, podcasts and contests, and then we'll make sure your audience knows about them.
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