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Social Media is the newest tactic in the PR toolbox. One of the best comparisons of traditional public relations versus Social Media PR is that it’s “push versus pull”. Media relations techniques such as sending out news releases are “pushing” the news toward reporters. Social Media PR uses tactics such as social networking, social media such as blogs and podcasts, RSS feeds, and others to “pull” the reporter and your audience toward your site and your news.

Below are just some of the ways EndGame PR can use social media to help you.

Social Media Production

Getting visitors to come back to your website over and over is one of the hardest parts of a web marketing strategy.  EndGame PR will produce content to make your organization’s web presence more “sticky”. EndGame PR’s podcast production service will create audio podcasts and web videos that will reach your audience well beyond the confines of your “dotcom”.

Social Networking

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are amazing tools for branding your business and spreading the word about what you do. We’ll set up your presence on these sites, teach you how to use them effectively, and show you how to get “fans” or “followers”.  We can even act as the administrator or manager of your social networking properties if you don’t have the time or inclination.

Blog Design and Writing

EndGame PR can build a blog add-on for your site or build an entirely new website for you that is integrated with a blog.  Once is the site is completed, we’re happy to write compelling content for your blog and act as a gatekeeper for blog writers within your organization.  To see samples, visit EndGame PR’s web and blog design page.


While not *exactly* a social media strategy, it simply makes no sense to produce great social media content if no one can find your website. SEO PR is using the power of public relations to improve your rankings on the search engines.  Content-building techniques such as blogging, corporate podcast production and news release and article distribution will boost not only your visitor count, but also the number of inbound links (one of the biggest factors in search rankings) to your site.    Before we start our SEO PR campaign, we’ll be happy to give it a complete SEO “once over” to make sure it’s set up in the best way possible for the search engines.

How does all of this help my business?

You can’t afford NOT to ensure your site is as visible on the web as possible. We can work with you to devise a plan to publicize your website to that world. We’ll even check “under the hood” of your site to ensure that your site is set up with SEO in mind.

Visit the Social Media PR Blog to read more about the subject, or contact us if you have any questions.

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A Website Built by a PR Firm?

You might think it's strange to hire a PR firm to develop your organization's website.
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Content is King

Part of running a business in this social world is creating interesting, clickable, and sharable content to "feed the beast".
EndGame PR understands content creation. We'll work with you to produce blog posts, articles, podcasts and contests, and then we'll make sure your audience knows about them.
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