Podcast Production

A well concepted, produced, and promoted podcast will improve your business’ visibility, draw visitors to your website, and help brand you as an expert in your field.  While a public relations firm isn’t usually where you would first look for someone to produce your program, it makes perfect sense when you realize that after production ends, the promotion begins.

Podcasts from EndGame PR are produced by Steve Mullen, a former radio and television journalist with more than 20 years of communications experience.

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Audio Production Client Samples

Audio presentations or podcast series: Audio podcasts are an outstanding way to reach your audience whether it’s online, in their car, or even exercising.  Our system makes it possible to create high quality programs for both local and non-local clients.  Your program can sound like a fully produced radio show, or we can even interview you, cut the interview into soundbites, and use the soundbites in a social media news release.

When we’re working with you on your audio project, EndGame PR doesn’t just produce your content and walk away. We’ll work with you as part of a complete social media PR strategy. Our services include:

  • Working with you to determine the type and format of your show
  • Selecting theme music to set the mood
  • Creating graphics to serve as your show’s “logo” on iTunes and elsewhere
  • Expert production of your program
  • Setup of your podcast RSS feed
  • Consultation on how to use your program for the maximum impact
  • Submission of your show to services like iTunes, YouTube, and podcast directories
  • Promotion of your show on EndGame PR websites and podcasts, as well as through online news release distribution, local media relations, and blogger relations

Your show doesn’t HAVE to be a series. Regardless of whether your show is a 10-episode series or a single program, we’ll make sure you’re pleased with our work.

So, how much does it cost? That’s a popular question. The price per episode will vary widely, and is based on the length and complexity of the program or programs. We’re happy to give you a free initial consultation, at the end of which we’ll give you an estimate! To discuss your needs, please use our contact form or call Steve Mullen at (804) 372-7677.

Audio News Releases

There is another option for using audio to promote your business. Audio can be used through direct distribution to radio newsrooms, or as part of a social media news release. For more information on audio news release production, please contact us.

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    To learn more about EndGame Public Relations and its clients, use our contact form to email us, or call the number below!

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A Website Built by a PR Firm?

You might think it's strange to hire a PR firm to develop your organization's website.
We don't.
We think it's a smart strategy for your site to be part of a larger PR and social media marketing plan.
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Content is King

Part of running a business in this social world is creating interesting, clickable, and sharable content to "feed the beast".
EndGame PR understands content creation. We'll work with you to produce content like blog posts, articles, podcasts and contests, and then we'll make sure your audience knows about it.
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