New Site Design for

If you’ve been here before, you surely notice that I moved a few things around. Actually, I completely tore the place down and started over! has a new design!

The last version of the site was more than a year-and-a-half old, and I was tiring of its limitations. Mind you, I’m still rather fond of it. I’ve never seen a layout quite like it. However, I never liked the look of the blog page, and a few other things with it were rather ponderous.

Here’s a quick nickel tour of the new design:

  • My favorite thing about it was a late addition.  Just yesterday, I decided to add the social media tabs you see on the right side of every page except for the front page.  If you slide your mouse over them, they pop out.  Pretty cool, huh?  I’d like to thank the Human 3rror Blog for the code used to make them.  I made a number of modifications to the original design, including the addition of the white shadowed tabs.
  • Interior pages of the site actually have several layouts.  There are two versions of the right sidebar layout (with different text in the sidebar), and one of the left sidebar layout.  I made a page layout with only one sidebar, but so far I haven’t found a reason to use it.
  • The new blog layout is MUCH neater and easier to read than the previous iteration of the Social Media PR Blog.  Despite the fact that I styled it myself, I never liked the way it turned out.

Last, but not least, one thing that remains the same: This site is built using my favorite software … WordPress.

Have a look around, starting with the home page.  Let me know in comments what you like and what you don’t like.  If you find a bug, I’ll be happy to squash it :)

A New Blog Name

Like the title says … the blog has a new name! I’ve grown tired of the old name, “Media Relations & SEO PR”. It was somewhat of a horrible name to begin with, and it was time to rid the world of it.

The new name, “Social Media PR Blog” reflects a new direction at EndGame PR. Actually, I don’t want to call it a new *direction*, because EndGame PR is still quite good at media relations and SEO PR. However, in the past three years since the company was founded, a lot of changes have happened both in the world of PR and in EndGame PR. Social media has crashed the party, and I’ve rushed up to meet it. Smart clients are coming to me with a desire to learn about and utilize the new tools available in the social media world … things like blogging, podcasting, web videos, Facebook, and Twitter. In fact, an extremely large percentage of the work I do is social media related. I think social media is a PR practice and I’ve started calling EndGame PR a Social Media PR firm.  Thus … the name of the blog.

Will the focus of the blog change?  Not much.  I already blog about social media quite a bit already, so you probably won’t notice a difference in the content.  One thing that WILL need to change is the address of the blog feed, which is at  I’ll be changing the URL in the near future to reflect the change.  I’m not doing it yet, but be aware that it’s coming!

PS: I’m not quite satisfied with the graphic on the masthead, and will probably work on that a bit more.

Facebook Growing Exponentially

This news is a few days old, but I’m just now getting around to blogging about it.  Word came out this week that Facebook is growing by an estimated 600,000 or more users PER DAY.  Let me repeat that, because it’s hard to get your head around…

Facebook … is growing … by 600,000 or more users … per … day.

(crickets chirping)

There’s no way to really comprehend that type of growth.  Think about it … that’s like everyone in a small to medium-sized city signing up each day!  In all, Facebook has 140 million users.

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Web & Blog Design by EndGame PR

My apologies for the self-promoting post, but I wanted to alert everyone to the new section of the EndGame Public Relations website. If you visit this blog frequently, or even semi-frequently, you may have noticed I’ve made a few announcements about client websites. I finally got around to building a page on the site to promote the fact that EndGame PR does build websites! Up until now, it was a “shoemakers kids with no shoes” kind of thing … I was so busy building other people’s sites that I didn’t have the time to tend to my own.

For more on the service, please visit the EndGame PR Web and Blog Design page.

Blog and News Now on RVABlogs

Just a quick note to announce a new way to read content from this blog as well as EndGame PR client news.  RVABlogs, which mashes together hundreds of Richmond, Virginia-based blogs into one great site, has agreed to include not only content from the Media Relations & SEO PR Blog, but also the EndGame PR News Feed.  The site has a  way to rate blog posts, so if you decide to visit be sure to vote up my posts!

If I’m not mistaken, this post should be showing up over there right now.  Hi RVABlogs readers!


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