5 Steps to Proper Setup & Feeding of Twitter

twitter_birdIf you’re a member of the Twitter Elite (Twelite? Tweelite?) or even a regular user of Twitter, you probably already know everything there is to know about setting up your Twitter account.  This post is for everyone else.

I’m surprised at the number of people who have 1,000+ followers, but haven’t filled out the basic information that Twitter allows.  In fact, when I see an account with a mess of followers but no details, I automatically assume they’re playing the Twitter Numbers Game, and don’t follow the person.

Below are a list of five tasks that I feel are required for a successful Twitter account:

  1. Upload a profile picture: If I see a brown square with two circles and a line, I know that’s not you and I wonder what you’re hiding.
  2. Fill out your bio: How am I going to learn about you if you don’t tell me?
  3. Provide a link: This is a chance to market your website.  Why pass that up?
  4. Start posting BEFORE you start following: When I get a follow notification, I actually check out the new follower’s profile.  This gets time consuming, but I feel like it’s good courtesy.  It also keeps me from following people wholesale, which leads to having to unfollow people later.  When I check out a profile and it only has a couple of posts (or worse, doesn’t have ANY posts), I don’t follow back.  I suspect a lot of people are like this.  Before you start following people, write at least 5-10 posts so people know that type of Tweeter you are.
  5. Get a custom twitter background: Anyone who has been on Twitter for a while can spot a generic Twitter background.  If you don’t have the graphic skills necessary to make one yourself, go to Twitbacks and get a free one.

Happy Tweeting!

PS – Once you’ve completed these tasks, follow me!


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